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Las Vegas Wise Guys is a licensed and regulated professional sports advisory service. Wise Guys experts are TJ Clark, John Aaron, Anthony Britton. All are successful professional sports bettors with decades of proven winning results so you get more than opinions or just advice.

Our service provides the highest rated plays possible because winning is too important for everyone involved. We never force giving plays because we need all members to win money and not gamble just to gamble. That's one of the reasons we don't give plays every single day like others do just to make sales daily. We still can't win them all but we sure try. We show all members how to bet like a pro by only giving plays with a mathematical edge to win, solid betting advice and the 10 proven winning strategies pros use to make money consistently. We've been on ESPN, Fox Sports and others over the years.

All of our current and past records are shown on each of our sport pages. Whether we win or lose it counts on our permanent record. Our past years plays are also on the Official Internet Archive

Check out our free sports picks & free fight picks pages and you'll make money with no hype and no bull! Our top expert wins at a high rate and proves it by winning more than he loses every single year. TJ's all-time combined free plays record on both free picks pages is 440-178-3 as of 6/27/20. All free plays on both the free sports picks and free fight picks pages are the same given in the member sections so we can't give as many free plays as some, but it's hard to find sports picks win at a higher rate. TJ's all-time best bet record is 307-35-1 as of 6/27/20. Every best bet is given in all member sections and also been given on our free sports picks and free fight picks page to prove it! See our betting advice page about best bets. Our winning records have never been disputed since all our members log in the same member section in each sport. Society may call sports betting gambling, that doesn't change the fact you really can win a fortune betting sports!

In 1999 and 2000 we gave all our sports picks for free to establish ourselves. In 2001 and 2002 we posted all our plays as soon as each game began so everyone could monitor us by seeing exactly who we had. We always give 100% effort regardless of whether someone is new to sports betting or a professional. We believe it's more important to take care of current members than always seek new members.

We give everyone the same plays in one member section so everyone can make money and to prove our records are always accurate. Our service has turned plenty of novice players into high rollers over the years. It would be wonderful if every season was perfect. There is no magic formula to become instantly wealthy or win every play. Some years are great, some are good. None are bad unless someone expected us to perform a miracle and win at a impossible rate certain seasons. That's why we guarantee all our sports picks.

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Never fear the future, it can be as wonderful as you want. You control everything that happens in your life. Every decision you make actually determines your destiny, every choice takes you on the right path or the other. If you want to be successful you must take action, a plan means nothing without action. If you want to climb to the top of a mountain, you can never get there by just looking at it, reaching the top of a mountain requires taking one step at a time. Rarely can someone achieve success with one giant leap. The best way to succeed is to surround yourself with smart people and successful companies that share the same goals as you have. Then you're guaranteed to succeed!. The only thing worse than defeat is living a life not worth living. Never trying anything to better ones life is the only failure that's even possible since regret lasts forever. This is your one and only life so make it great!

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