Guaranteed Play of the Day Only $25

Our highest rated play of the day is guaranteed to make you money or our play is free! We always provide all members the same plays, even the play of the day is the same one given in the member section. Our service gives everyone the same plays because credibility and integrity matters for everyone involved!

Our play of the day is sent by email because everyone buys the play at different times and sportsbook lines move up or down on all games often. Therefore since we can't control sportsbook line moves for us or against us, when you buy our play of the day we check the current lines at sportsbooks to make sure the line is accurate on all plays know matter when you get it.

Even though we've won more then we lost every single year since this service began we still can't win every play. Nobody on the planet can either. That's because even the best teams don't always cover the spread certain days or we might win them all. Unfortunately every team has winning and losing streaks, so know matter who you are, you're only as good as the team is the day you bet them. That's why we guarantee all our sports picks. We win more then we lose which is how you make as much money as you possibly want long term. Some days we don't have plays available simply because it's not always easy to find outstanding plays every single day. We need all members to make money instead of gambling just to gamble. We always show on each of our sport pages the date and time our next play is going to be on. If it shows a play from a previous day then our next play is not available yet. We post plays at least one day in advance in the member section so you can order days in advance and you'll get it the same time it's posted in the member section.

All our current and past records are shown on each of our sport pages. Whether we win or lose it counts on our permanent record. You can also see all our past years results on the "Official Internet Archive Site"

When you purchase our play of the day our credit card processor First Data merchant service only holds the $25 order. When you make money they charge the $25 or it's voided after the game is final. The transaction will show there was only a hold than it's released. You are never charged unless you make money.

Our credit card processor only allows one play of the day to be purchased at a time since each play is guaranteed to make you money or it's free. They can not separate $25 orders so they void multiple $25 purchases.

Credit card orders on our website are secured with SSL encryption. There are no hidden fees, no commissions or long term contracts associated with our service. We protect your privacy. We never share or sell anyone's info. All info is kept strictly confidential. We also never solicit for sales.

Some years you can make a fortune betting sports! To make substantial money you must take calculated risks and only play when you have a mathematical edge. Some seasons are great, some are good. None are bad unless someone expected us to perform a miracle and win at a rate that's impossible to accomplish certain seasons. Even though nothing's a sure thing in life using proven strategies works!