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Wise Guys Guaranteed Sports Picks


VIP Year Deal: $1500 (Available Anytime)

The VIP yearly is available anytime during the year since it begins when you receive your first play and ends one year later. This saves you $500 versus buying each sport separately. It equals only paying $125 per month on the year deal. Everyone has made money since we've won way more than we lost every year.

The VIP yearly is guaranteed to have a winning record combining all sports picks you get so all sales are final. You get our experts highest rated sports picks from every sport for one year. You'll receive a login so you can access all plays anytime. All members are provided the same plays in one member section in each sport so everyone gets paid and to prove our records are always legit! We do not automatically charge your credit card when any package ends.

Even though we have won more then we lost every single year since this service began, we still can't win every play. That's exactly why we guarantee all our sports picks. Some days we don't have plays available because it's not always easy to find outstanding plays every single day. We need every member to make money instead of gambling just to gamble. All of our sport pages the date and time our next play will be.

All season members receive the same plays in one member section so everyone can make money. We only have one member section per sport which is why our winning records have never been disputed since all members log in the same member section in each sport. Our play of the day is the same play given in the member section.

Every member has always been able to make any amount of income they want with our service. Everyone decides how much they want to make with how much they wager on each play. We’ve turned many into high rollers by just showing all our sports betting tickets to prove all of us here make $40,000 or more every month. That’s also the reason every member knows they can also make any amount of money they want to make. In fact, the only reason if someone can't become a high roller with our sports service it’s because they give back too much betting their own plays. Doing that is the only reason anyone would still be betting small after all these years. We’ve always proved we come through every month and every year. Since everyone also bet plays on their own it's important to keep all your records separate from any service you are with so you will know the difference of how much money you made with your own bets and how much money any service makes you. As long as you know it's all that matters.

Whether any play wins or loses they always count on our permanent record. That’s the reason nobody on the planet has ever disputed our winning records. Current and past years records are shown on each of our sport pages. You can also see many plays we gave on Twitter and any past years plays on the Official Internet Archive

Credit card orders on our website are secured with SSL encryption. There are no hidden fees, no commissions or long term contracts associated with our service. We protect your privacy. We never share or sell anyone's info. All info is kept strictly confidential. We also never solicit for sales.

We always provide everything you'll ever need to make money! All our experts are successful professional sports bettors with a undisputed proven winning track record. You get all best bets, 10 proven winning strategies pros use and much more! 20 straight winning years proves keeping it simple works. We are with you every step of the way.

Society may call sports betting gambling, that still doesn't change the proven fact you really can win a fortune betting sports!

Our knowledgeable customer service team is always available 24/7 to ensure you make money!