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Wise Guys free sports picks record is 172-61-1.
All free winners are by our top expert TJ Clark.

All plays on both our free picks pages are
also the same plays given in the member
section. That's why we can't give as many
free plays as some do but it's hard to find
sports picks win at a higher rate anywhere.

Our service gives everyone the same plays
because it matters for everyone involved.

Our combined free winners record on both
our free pages is 430-174-3 as of 7/11/19

You can see all our past years plays on
the Official Internet Archive Website.

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Las Vegas Wise Guys Free Sports Picks

Women World Cup Soccer Best Bet on 7/7/19
USA Women-275 (Money line)   Won 2-0  

Women World Cup Soccer Best Bet on 7/7/19
USA Women-1/2 goal -224   Won 2-0  

NHL Picks on 5/17/19
St. Louis Blues-140   Won  

NHL Best of 7 Series Picks on 4/10/19
Tampa Bay Lightning to win series-385   lost  

Lightning finished the season with the most
wins in NHL history but still got beat.    

MLB Parlay on 3/26/19
Parlay Tampa Bay+100 and over 8.5 runs  Won 9-3  
Parlay paid over 2 1/2 to 1 at +$381.82  

Thanksgiving NFL Picks on 11/22/18
Saints-12  Won  Happy Thanksgiving!

If New Orleans plays as they have lately we'll all win.

World Series Picks for 10/23/18
Boston Red Sox Wins World Series-140   Won    

Boston won 4 games to 1 ending on 10/28/18.      

Women's World Cup Soccer for 10/17/18
USA and Canada over 3 goals-117   lost    

NFL Prop for 10/15/18
49ers over 1/2 field goal entire game-390   Won    

NCAA Football Picks for 10/12/18
USF-7   lost     USF only won by 1 point 

NFL Prop for 10/11/18
Giants over 1.5 Touchdowns-215  lost  

NFL Props for 9/24/18
Steelers over .5 Field Goal 1st half-115  Won  
Total Field Goal over .5 1st half-425  Won

NFL Picks for 8/20/18
Ravens-pk   Won  

MLB Picks for 8/14/18
Indians-1.5 runs-135   Won


Tournament of Nations Soccer for 7/29/18
USA Women-162   1-1 tie


World Cup Soccer for 6/23/18
Mexico-139   Won  

MLB Picks for 6/17/18
New York Yankees-1.5 runs-125   lost

World Cup Soccer for 6/14/18
Russia-245 to win   Won  

Belmont Stakes Race for 6/9/18
Field Wins Belmont Race-110  lost  

2nd horse to win a triple crown in 40 years.
Although our annual best bet prop cost us,
it's been a money maker 38 out of 40 years.
Even plays with every edge lose sometimes.

NHL Picks for 5/30/18
Knights & Capitals over 5.5 goals-125   lost 3-2  

NHL Stanley Cup Championship for 5/23/18
Vegas Golden Knights+101   lost   

Triple Crown Best Bet for 5/7/18
Justify won't win triple crown-210   lost  

Posted best bet on 5/7/18 with 2 races left to go.
Only one horse won a triple crown in 40 years!

NHL Picks for 5/4/18
Vegas Golden Knights-145   Won 

NCAA Basketball Championship for 4/2/18  
Villanova-6   Won  

Super Bowl Props for 2/4/18  
Points will be scored in 2nd quarter-300   Won
Points will be scored in 4th quarter-250   Won

Women's Basketball Picks for 1/24/18  
Connecticut-51.5   Won  

NBA Picks for 1/10/18  
Warriors-10   lost  

NCAA Football Bowl Picks for 12/29/17  
Northwestern-7   lost  

MLB Picks for 10/31/17  Happy Halloween!
Dodgers-120   Won  

MLB Picks for 9/27/17
Astros-1.5 runs-130   Won  

MLB Picks for 8/6/17
Dodgers-152   Won  

MLB Picks for 7/23/17
Dodgers-1.5 runs-155  lost   Dodgers won by 1  

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest for 7/4/17
Joey Chestnut eats under 75.99 -390  Won  

MLB Picks for 6/29/17 
LA Dodgers-1.5 runs -125  Won  

WNBA Picks for 6/29/17 
Connecticut Sun-6.5  Won  

WNBA Picks for 6/29/17 
Connecticut & Seattle over 167  Won  

Belmont Stakes Prop Winner for 6/10/17 
Epicharis won't finish in top two -265: Scratch  

The horse was sick Friday so we have a great shot to win.
If the horse does not enter books void all bets. When you
get a chance to beat sportsbooks out of their money you
should always do it no matter what sport it is.  

Belmont Stakes Best Bet Winner for 6/10/17 
Field Wins Belmont Race-175  Won  

This prop was given hours after the horse Always Dreaming
won the Kentucky Derby on 5/6/17. Always Dreaming lost
the Preakness as we expected on 5/20/17. We also won our
annual best bet there will be no triple crown winner.

Now 19-1-0 on the triple crown prop so look for the prop
each year. This field prop was posted free and in all member
sections two weeks in advance before the Preakness just so
everyone could make money on this best bet.

MLB Picks for 4/24/17 
Chicago Cubs-121  Won  

NCAA Basketball Picks for 4/1/17 
North Carolina-4  lost when they won by 1 point  

NCAA Basketball Picks for 3/9/17 
Villanova Wildcats-14  Won  

Super Bowl Props for 2/5/17 
A fan illegally runs on field +1150  lost
Julian Edelman over 7.5 receptions -130  lost
Julio Jones over 6.5 receptions -125  lost
ATL first half touchdowns over .5 -495  Won
ATL first half touchdowns over 1 -287  Won
NE first half field Goals over .5 -225  Won
ATL first half field goals over .5 -175  lost

NFL Picks for 11/24/16  Happy Thanksgiving!
Cowboys and Redskins over 51  Won  
World Series Best Bet for 10/27/16
Chicago Cubs-230 to win series  Won
NFL Picks for 10/3/16
Minnesota Vikings-4  Won
Olympic Women's Soccer for 8/9/16
Columbia+2.5 goals-122  Won
MLB Parlay for 7/26/16
Parlay Red Sox & Cubs to win  lost
MLB Parlay for 6/28/16
Parlay Indians & Cubs to win  Won
NBA Picks for 4/29/15
Memphis Grizzlies-5 to win  Won
Women's NCAA Basketball Picks for 3/27/15
Baylor Bears-9.5 to win!  Won

Super Bowl Props for 2/1/15
Julian Edelman over 6.5 receptions Won
Patriots over 1.5 field goals lost 
NCAA Football Picks for 12/5/14
Northern Illinois-6 win  Won
NFL Picks for 10/19/14
Kansas City Chiefs+4 to win  Won
NFL Picks for 9/28/14
San Diego Chargers-14 to win  Won
MLB All-Star Game Winners for 7/15/14
American League-107 to win   Won
College Basketball Winners for 3/14/14
Tennessee Volunteers-10   Won
College Basketball Winners for 1/22/14
Wichita State-10    Won
Halloween Football Winners for 10/31/13
Houston University -17    lost
Bengals and Dolphins over 43 points    lost
MLB Winner for 9/10/13
Detroit Tigers-1.5 runs +111   Won
Preakness Stakes Prop Winner for 5/18/13 
Will Orb win the triple crown?  No -315    Won
NHL Best of 7 Series Winner for 5/18/13
Chicago to beat wings: Won on 5/29/13
NBA Winner for 5/1/13
NY Knicks-8   lost
NBA Best of 7 Series Winner for 4/27/13
NY Knicks to beat Celtics   Won series on 5/3/13
NCAA Womens Basketball Winner for 3/31/13
Louisville+27.5    Won
Super Bowl Prop Winner for 2/3/13   
Will any penalty be declined? Yes -410   Won

NBA Winners for 12/25/12  Merry Christmas!
Miami Heat-2    Won
LA Clippers-7    Won
Women's World Cup Soccer Winners on 9/4/12
USA-0.5 goals -104             Won
Germany-0.5 goals +101    Won
International Men's Soccer Winner for 8/15/12
Mexico to win   lost
USA first ever win in Mexico in 75 years.
Olympic Men's Basketball Winner for 8/12/12
USA Men's Basketball Team-20    lost 
Olympic Women's 4x400m Winner for 8/11/12
USA Relay Team to Win Gold Medal    Won
Olympic Men's 4x100m Winner for 8/11/12
Jamaica Relay Team to Win Gold Medal    Won
Olympic Women's 4x100m Winner for 8/10/12
USA Relay Team to Win Gold Medal    Won
NFL Preseason Winner for 8/10/12
San Francisco 49ers-3    Won
Olympic Women's Soccer Winner for 8/9/12
USA Team to Win Gold Medal +108    Won
Euro Soccer Winner for 6/28/12
Germany-104    lost
Euro Soccer Winner for 6/23/12
Spain-120    Won
Euro Soccer Winner for 6/19/12
France-138   lost
NBA Series Winner for 2012 (Best of 7 Games)
Miami Heat to win championship   Won
NBA Winner for 6/12/12
Oklahoma City Thunder-4    Won

Belmont Stakes Prop Winner for 6/9/12

I'll Have Another will not win triple crown -185    No action
The horse did not win, they pulled him 24 hrs before the race due
to injury or we would've crushed sportsbooks on this prop again.

NBA Winner for 5/14/12
Oklahoma City Thunder-7    Won
NHL Winner for 4/30/12
Blues and Kings under 4.5 goals   lost
NBA Winners for 4/29/12
San Antonio Spurs-10     Won
Spurs & Jazz under 207  Won
LA Lakers-4     Won                    
Lakers & Nuggets under 202.5  Won
NHL Winner for 4/29/12
Flyers and Devils over 5.5 goals   Won
WNCAA Basketball Winner for 3/20/12
Delaware-7    lost
NCAA Football Winner on 12/24/11 Merry Xmas!
Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles-6    Won
NBA Winners for 12/21/11
Magic+5.5     Won
Celtics and Raptors under 185   Won
NHL Winner for 12/21/11
Philadelphia Flyers-1.5 goals+236   Won
MLB Winner for 7/26/11
NY Yankees-1.5 runs-130    Won
Women World Cup Soccer Winner for 7/17/11
USA-0.5 goals-110   lost 2-2 on penalty kicks
Women World Cup Soccer Winner for 7/16/11
Sweden-pk-105   Won
Women World Cup Soccer Winner for 7/13/11
USA-0.5 goals-103     Won
World Cup Soccer Winner for 7/10/10
Germany-0.5 goals -102    Won
World Cup Soccer Winner for 7/7/10
Germany+191     lost
NBA Winner for 5/28/10  Happy Memorial Day!
Boston Celtics-3     Won
MLB Winner for 5/13/10
NY Yankees-120      lost
NBA Winner for 4/27/10
Lakers-5      Won
MLB Winner for 4/14/10
Giants & Pirates over 8.5 runs:   lost
Basketball Winner on 4/4/10 Happy Easter!
Baylor+24 1/2    Won
MLB Winners for 3/25/10
Tampa Bay Rays-134        Won
Baltimore Orioles+112       Won
San Francisco Giants-125   Won
NBA Winner for 3/9/10 
Lakers-10      lost
College Basketball Winner for 2/18/10
Syracuse+2    Won
College Basketball Winner for 2/7/10
Syracuse-4     Won
NHL Winners for 2/2/10
Detroit+160      Won
Detroit and San Jose over 5.5 goals   Won
College Basketball Winner for 1/10/10
Kansas-5    lost
NFL Winner for 1/9/10
New York Jets+3    Won
College Basketball Winners for 1/6/10
Louisville-3       Won
Temple & St. Josephs under 132.5  Won
Cornell+23    Won
MLB Winner for 10/25/09
NY Yankees-170     Won
NCAA Football Winner for 9/26/09
Florida State-14     lost
MLB Winners for 9/21/09
Atlanta Braves-160      Won
Braves & Mets over 8.5 runs  Won
Boston Red Sox-157    lost
NFL Preseason Winner for 8/20/09
New England Patriots-6      lost
MLB Winner for 8/18/09
Boston Red Sox-148     Won
2009 MLB All-Star Game Winner for 7/14/09
American League-115 to Win    Won

American league all-stars won 11 straight all-star games!
The american league has dominating the national league
and has not lost all-star game since 1996. The 2002 game
ended in a 7-7 tie. Update: American League now won the 
all-star game 12 straight years. We gave this play 2 weeks
in advance so everyone could get paid! 
NBA Series Winner for 6/4/09 (Best of 7 Games)
LA Lakers -255 to win championship   Won
Note: Lakers won championship on 6/14/09 
MLB Winners for 6/3/09
Boston Red Sox-141      Won
Cleveland Indians-112   Won
MLB Winners for 6/2/09
Boston Red Sox+116      Won
Chicago Cubs+105         lost
Florida Marlins+101        Won 
Yankees & Rangers over 10.5 runs  Won
Angels & Blue Jays over 8 runs     Won
NBA Winner for 5/20/09
Cleveland Cavaliers-9     lost
NBA Winner for 5/13/09
Denver Nuggets-7     Won
NBA Winner for 5/5/09
Cleveland Cavaliers-11      Won
NBA Winner for 4/23/09
Chicago Bulls-2       lost
MLB Winner for 4/13/09
Chicago Cubs-140      Won 
NCAA Basketball Winner for 4/6/09
North Carolina Tar Heels-7      Won
WNCAA Basketball Winner for 4/5/09
Connecticut Huskies-10      Won
NBA Winner for 4/5/09
Cleveland Cavaliers-6      Won
WNCAA Winner for 3/24/09
Baylor Bears-5      lost
MLB Winners for 3/24/09
Washington Nationals+107    Won
Toronto Blue Jays-108          lost
Minnesota Twins-106           Won
Boston Red Sox+119           lost
NHL Winner for 1/1/09   Happy New Year!
Boston Bruins to win      Won 4-2
Happy New Year's Eve Winner on 12/31/08 
Notre Dame-7     Won
NFL Winner for 12/7/08
New England Patriots-4    lost    
NCAA Football Winner for 11/21/08
Bowling Green-3   lost in 2 overtimes
NBA Winner for 11/20/08
LA Lakers-4      Won 
NCAA Basketball Winner for 11/20/08
Virginia Tech-11     Won
NHL Winner for 11/19/08
Washington Capitals+122    Won 6-4
Breeders Cup Matchup Winner for 10/25/08
Go Between-170 to beat colonel john:   Won
Breeders Cup Match up Winner for 10/24/08
Ginger Punch-111 to beat music note:  lost
World Series Winner for 10/22/08 (Best of 7)
Tampa Bay Rays-142 to win World Series:  lost
Monday Night Football Winner for 9/29/08
Ravens and Steelers over 33    Won
NFL Winner for 9/28/08
Chicago Bears+3 1/2     Won
NFL Winner for 9/7/08
Detroit Lions-3   lost   
This ends 15 game winning streak on free picks
College Football Winner for 8/30/08
Oklahoma St & Washington St under 67.5  Won
MLB Winner for 8/28/08
Red Sox & Yankees under 9.5 runs   Won
MLB Winners for 8/28/08
Houston Astros-145    Won
Astros & Reds under 9.5 runs   Won

Belmont Stakes Prop Winner for 6/7/08
Big Brown won't win triple crown +207    Won 

Even though big brown has a chance to win the triple crown,
it's hard to pass betting this one more time. It can't be stated
enough, for 30 long years, betting against any horse that is
favored to win the triple crown has beat sportbooks out of
their money consistently.
Rarely will you get better then 2-1 odds going against a
horse with a injured hoof. Big Brown could run out of gas
due to running his 3rd race in 5 weeks.
The Belmont will have a fresh field of horses that did not
run in the first two races. Some of the horses running in
the Belmont are bred to run the 1 1/2 mile track. Yet the
public is still lining up to bet on Big Brown. One reason
our service has been successful for many years in every
sport is because we take the same side sportsbooks need
to win. Sportsbooks win at a extremely high percentage
when the public is on the opposite side of them.

Professional players know when it comes to gambling,
you must only play the sides with a solid edge to ensure
yourself a better then average chance to win all of your
wagers. Proper money management is still the key to
making money because nothing can ever be perfect.
The only proven fact is anythings possible in life and
gambling, but nothing's a sure thing.
Preakness Stakes Prop Winner for 5/17/08 
Big Brown won't win triple crown -121:   Won
(Note: Big Brown did not win as we expected)

MLB Winners for 5/7/08
Cincinnati Reds-140   Won
Reds & Cubs under 9 runs   Push
NY Mets+108:  Won 
Mets & Dodgers over 8 runs  Won
NBA Winners for 5/7/08
LA Lakers-6    Won