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Our season package is a great deal since you get all our experts highest rated plays the entire season. We offer the same price for any season package in each sport. The season deal equals paying less than $85 a month. Our MLB season package equals paying $65 a month since it goes from March through November. Our football season package includes all our experts NFL & NCAA Football winners all season for one low price. Many other services charge $599 for 30 days of plays and we could too but we don't. We provide all members plenty of selections from all the other sports playing at the same time of year. Every play we release counts on the record despite what sport it is for accountability purposes. All plays count toward members showing a profit. All season packages are guaranteed to win more than they lose or we extend it so all sales are final.

All season, yearly and lifetime members receive the same plays in one member section so everyone can make money. We only have one member section per sport which is why our winning records have never been disputed since all members log in the same member section in each sport. Our service gives everyone the same plays because it matters for everyone involved! You can log in the member section and get all plays 24/7.

VIP Year Deal Only $1500 (Available Anytime)

The VIP yearly is available anytime during the year since it begins when you receive your first play and ends one year later. This saves you $500 versus buying each sport separately. This equals only paying $375 per sport on the year deal. Everyone has made money since we've won way more than we lost every year.

The VIP yearly is guaranteed to have a winning record combining all sports picks you get so all sales are final. You get our experts highest rated sports picks from every sport for one year. You can log in the member section and get all plays 24/7. We do not automatically charge anyone's credit card when the yearly ends. When you want it again order it.

Credit card orders on our website are secured with SSL encryption by First Data Merchant Service. There are no hidden fees, no commissions or long term contracts associated with our service. We protect your privacy. We never share or sell anyone's info. All info is kept strictly confidential. We also never solicit for sales or any other reason.

All members are provided the same plays in one member section per sport so everyone gets paid! We always provide everything you'll ever need to make money! You get all best bets, 10 proven winning strategies pros use and much more! There's not too much more we need to say about the VIP yearly because it's made everyone money every year! We are with you every step of the way and stand behind everything we say and do. All our experts are successful professional sports bettors with an undisputed proven winning track record. Our knowledgeable customer service team is available 24/7 to ensure your success!

We also offer a Lifetime Membership for $7500. That equals only buying the yearly package 5 times so it's a great deal!

VIP Reward Program:
When you join the yearly 5 different times we'll give you the Lifetime Membership Free!

We always release plenty of selections in all sports each season but some days we don't have plays available. That's because it's not always easy to find plays with a substantial advantage to win every single day. Sometimes it's because the point spreads are too accurate giving no advantage to either side or the lines moved up at sportsbooks before we could release plays. Know matter who you are, the lines that sportsbooks post dictate what side you'll have the edge to bet. Line moves can change any play with every advantage to win to less of an advantage just like an injury during a game to a teams superstar or key player can often change the outcome. Sportsbooks lines are often very accurate certain days so when point spreads change on games we were going to release we sometimes have to pass on giving plays certain days for good reason. When you play games with razor sharp lines you will often need more luck than skill to win those games. In the long run going around taking the worst of the line will often come back to bite you in the tail. There are so many plays each week that may look like stealing, but end up becoming what is known in the betting industry as a sucker bet. Sportsbooks are witty and razor sharp by making sucker bets look as tempting as the sexiest woman you've ever seen, most can't resist betting them and end up getting legally mugged. That's why sportsbooks are called the 800 pound gorilla. Bet like a pro and you'll get paid like a pro! Winning money matters so we do whatever it takes so everyone succeeds as much as possible.

Some years you can make a fortune betting sports! To make substantial money you must take calculated risks and only play when you have a mathematical edge. Some seasons are great, some are good. None are bad unless someone expected us to perform a miracle and win at a rate that's impossible to accomplish certain seasons. Even though nothing's a sure thing using proven strategies will keep you making money. Even though we've always won more then we lost we still can't win them all, not even sportsbooks win them all. That's because even the best teams in every sport go through winning and losing streaks, so know matter who you are your're only as good as the teams are the day you bet them. That's why we guarantee all our sports picks.