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Can anyone make money betting sports?

Sports betting is more profitable then any other kind of investing. You can make money anytime you want on sports. Plain and simple, you have a 50/50 chance to win any wager with no math involved, it will either win or it won't, but if you only bet plays with a serious advantage your winning percentage goes up to 80 percent or more on certain plays. That may be obvious but most tend to bet toss up games too often where either side can realistically win then think nobody else can win at a high rate.

Every play we bet has a serious edge to win whether it wins or not. Playing correctly eliminates most the risk involved betting sports. Playing correctly just means finding the highest rated plays possible that give you the best edge to win consistently based on the probability of outcome. Even though society may call sports betting gambling but that doesn't change the fact you really can win a fortune betting sports!

Making big profit betting on sports isn't rocket science. All you have to do is win more then you lose to make money, right? Not always! It's possible to have a winning record and still lose money if you bet a different amount on each game or some how lose any of the ones you absolutely hammered.

Did you know? The biggest reason and in most cases the only reason some players don't win enough money is from continuously changing the size of each wager too often. There is a right way or wrong way to do everything in life. Many rate each play but that teaches bad habits to players by having them change the size of their wagers on each bet. Now that's fine when you win all the big ones, but when you lose any of the games you had large wagers on it changes everything, even if you win most the small bets it won't make up for the huge losses using that strategy. Another option is keep your wagers close to the same amount, then when you win more games then you lose at the end of any season you are guaranteed to make a profit!

Bet like a pro and wager the same percentage of your bankroll on every game instead of loading up. Unless of course you're so lucky and always happen to win every single game you hammer, if that's the case go ahead and swing away. Seriously though, if you want to get paid like a pro, you must bet like a pro!

Our service only provides the highest rated plays possible because winning is too important for everyone involved. We never force giving plays because we need all members to win money and not gamble just to gamble. That's the reason we don't give plays every single day like others do just to make sales daily. Even though we've won more then we lost in each sport every single year we still can't win them all. Nobody on the planet can either because even the best teams don't always cover the spread certain days. Unfortunately every team has winning and losing streaks, so know matter who you are, you're only as good as the team is the day you bet them. That's why we guarantee our sports picks will make you money or our play is absolutely free!

We release plenty of plays in all sports each season but there are times lines go up on games before we could release them. When lines change we pass on giving some plays. In the long run going around taking the worst of the line often comes back to bite you in the tail. Sportsbook lines are often accurate. When you bet games with razor sharp lines you often need more luck than skill to win toss up plays where either side can realistically win.

Check out our free sports picks & free fight picks pages and you'll make money with no hype and no bull! Our top expert wins at a high rate and proves it by winning more than he loses every single year. TJ's all-time combined free plays record on both free picks pages is 441-178-3 as of 7/11/20. All free plays on both the free sports picks and free fight picks pages are the same given in the member sections so we can't give as many free plays as some but it's hard to find sports picks win at a higher rate. TJ's all-time best bet record is 308-35-1 as of 7/11/20. Every best bet is given in all member sections and also been given on our free sports picks and free fight picks page so everybody can make money! See our betting advice page about best bets.

Our winning records have never been disputed since all our members log in the same member section in each sport. Our current and past years records are on each of our sport pages and our past years plays are on the Official Internet Archive.

As we always say, sportsbooks can't stop you from making money but they can slow you down certain days. If you pick your battles you'll win consistently. All professionals only bet when they have a serious edge because there are many trap games daily that look like stealing but plenty don't win. You must be disciplined if you want to make substantial money consistently.

Sports betting is like all types of investing, any past success still doesn't guarantee future success is a sure thing. Since time began millions of intelligent people have tried countless times to become wealthy in their lifetime and could not accomplish it. This proves it does not matter how smart someone is. It's not what you know it's what you do that will determine if you'll be successful. The good news is you don't need to be a millionaire to live the good life, you just need to make more money than you spend.

Do I have to be a high roller to join?

You don't have to be a high roller. We never overwhelm members by giving too many plays on any given day. Our service only releases sports picks with a serious edge to win. That's how we've won more then we lost in every sport. Our service gives everyone the same plays because credibility and integrity matters for everyone involved! Each sport is six months long so it's important to always play smart. Quality beats quantity, so if you only bet solid plays you'll keep going in the right direction. Sports betting is a marathon, not a sprint since sports never ends.

All professionals that bet for a living actually bet less games than novice sports bettors. Pros are successful simply because they choose to make larger wagers on solid plays instead of taking too many excessive chances betting games every single day. Pros only bet the highest rated plays possible. None bet toss up games when great teams or bad teams play each other because those are considered toss up games. It's not worth trading wins and losses betting games where either side can realistically win and risk going backwards.

What's riskier? betting only solid plays and make money or grind it out on many plays every single day and trade wins and losses frequently. There are always certain times in every sport when most of the best teams with every edge all seem to not cover at the same time. Therefore when we see too many teams with every edge not cover consistently enough in any certain sport we provide plays from other sports going the same time until things become normal again. If you don't agree with us doing whatever it takes to make you money then don't join us for any season and instead get our highest rated play of the day so you only get that sport. We say this because we know there is always one that would rather risk losing their entire bankroll then bet another sport and continue to make money. When you find any play that sportsbooks can't beat you on, you should bet it no matter what sport it is. Winning money is the only thing that matters so we do whatever it takes so everyone succeeds as much as possible.

Even though nothing's a sure thing in life or in sports sticking with proven strategies work! Every single year is as different as each sport is due to certain teams playing above or below expectations based on probability of outcome. Therefore it's not an exact science. Winning more than you lose in any unpredictable season when teams are up and down against the spread is an acceptable accomplishment. It's impossible to always have a great season and crush sportsbooks because there's always certain weeks in every sport when most the best teams have every edge but don't play up to their potential. That's when it's important to change the way you handicap games and also pick your battles even more in order to grind out enough wins. When we see too many elite teams in any sport not covering consistently as they should we back off and give more plays from other sports going the same time of year know matter what sport you joined so everyone can keep winning.

Our service has turned plenty of novice players into high rollers over the years. It would be wonderful if every season was perfect. All our current and past records are on each sport page so you can see how members have done each year. There is no magic formula to become instantly wealthy or to win every play. Most rely on trends even though they only show past results, none can predict future results. Some trends work but many go out the window everyday. We use proven strategies because they succeed in each sport every year.

Some believe that most services are the same but each is different as every person is on the planet. Some are great, some may not be. Any company that's honest and treats you fair is legit. All do their best to provide a service or product that will benefit you in some way. To do anything else would not be smart.

Now after 20 straight winning years we are sharing many strategies we’ve used to win consistently all these years. Including best bets seen on both our free sports picks pages, proper money management, how to win parlays, hedge parlays, middle plays, our #1 strategy that’s only lost once ever, how to make a million dollars on two plays with only $100. We’ve always called it “The Million Dollar Two Step” and it works! They are all shown on our sports betting advice page. All advice provided is based on proven facts. If we cared about sales we could have screamed about our #1 strategy all these years considering it never lost since our service began as every member can verify. We kept quiet until it finally lost on 5/16/20 in the UFC. It’s always done better then best bets and always will be the best strategy. Since 2020 began we’ve been sharing our highest rated plays and parlays on Twitter so anyone that needs money will make money after the worldwide Covid-19 shutdown caused millions of people are serious financial setback. Many companies mention other companies just to get in the same category on search engines, that's smart business. Some in betting forums question many services records or integrity. Some beefs may be legit about others, we don't know since we don't monitor others. We only focus on what we do. Years ago we know someone went on multiple forums posing as women and questioned TJ's best bet record even though all best bets have been given free on two pages since our service began, so how is it possible someone never looked but questions it? We win more then we lose and prove it. Whether any play wins or loses it counts on our permanent record. We've always provided all members the same plays in one member section per sport so we could not lie if we wanted so it's not our credibility at stake. Everyone also knows that other handicappers pose as novice players and say negative things about all others. Even forum administrators are quick to cause doubts in order to keep bettors in their forums. Every intelligent person eventually learn what’s real and what works! All our current and past records are shown on each of our sport pages. As we stated earlier you can also see our past years results on the "Official Internet Archive Site"

Many novice players overlook a important fact. Every successful person does not always succeed all because they are wealthier or smarter then most others. Successful people simply have a different perspective and see a lot of things differently then most do. It’s not luck or BS either. Change the way you look at things and things change. Life gives everyone options. Everything we provide makes everyone money with no hype and no bull. The main reason many say they have never been successful using forums is because every single time some give out a certain side, there are just as many giving the other side of the same game. Our service always provides everyone the same plays. Most services have many handicappers selling their own plays on the same site so it's not easy to get all their plays. Each have separate records and often only show the ones that won that day. That still does not make them less genuine. We know many handicappers at other services and all are good people.

Our sports service does many things differently then others and we provide everything needed to be a successful sports bettor long term. We’ve always done things the right way for everyone involved even if someone isn't a member. Sportsbooks are trying to take all your money so every sports bettor is in a friendly game of kill or be killed when taking on sportsbooks. Therefore the best way for anyone to prove they can win more then they lose in each sport every year as we have done is simply show everyone how to make money. Helping others may not change the world but it will help some so they are grateful.

We are fair to everyone in the industry since it's not always easy to beat the heck out of sportsbooks certain times. Know matter how great we did the previous week, month or all the years it does not matter because our service and all other services must prove it all over again for every new member. Most think all services finish with more wins then losses in every sport each year but many don't. Winning more then you lose is all anyone should expect from any service or when betting on your own. Trust is a different story since it must be earned by each individual you have dealings with. If everyone was trustworthy there would be no need to lock your doors or have prisons. Still, there are more good people than bad people in our experiences. Everyone decides what path will give them the opportunity to live the best life possible.

We always give our best effort and do whatever it takes to get everyone paid. Even if a sport gets tough we provide plays from any sport that's beatable at the time so all members can win. We provide everyone the same plays in one member section so everyone can make money and to also prove to the world our records are always accurate. Even our top rated play of the day is the same given in the member section. Our play of the day is sent by email because everyone buys the play of the day at different times and sportsbook lines move up or down often. We post most plays in advance in the member section, therefore since we can't control sportsbook line moves when anyone gets our top play of the day we check sportsbooks current line to make sure the line is accurate know matter when they get it.

Why is money management important?

Anyone can make money if they use proper money management by betting the same amount on each game. It's the most important thing bettors must do in order to make the most money possible. Keep in mind it's possible to have a winning record and still lose money if your betting different amounts on each game or lose any you absolutely hammered. Many suggest betting different amounts on all plays by rating them. That teaches bad habits to players by having them change the size of their wagers on each bet they make. Now that's fine when you win all the big ones but when you lose any you had large wagers on it changes everything, even if you win most the small bets it won't make up for the huge losses made using that strategy. After all, sports betting ain't poker! Another option is bet the same amount on every game instead of raising and lowering your wager amount. Then when you win more than you lose in any sport you're guaranteed to make money! When you find something that works just stick with it. Yes we said some of this earlier, we repeated it for good reason.

Did you know bad money management can actually cost you more than bad handicapping? Everyone has seen someone have a dream season and win a ton of money during a certain sport only to give it back to the sportsbook by betting it all on the final game of the year like the Super Bowl or whatever. Here's some other examples.

(Raising Wager Amounts): It's week one of the season and gambler #1 makes five wagers of $110 and goes 4-1. Therefore, in week two, he makes six wagers of $220 and only goes 2-4. Overall, gambler #1 has lost $190 despite going 6-5 (54.5%). 

(Lowering Wager Amounts): Gambler #2 makes six plays of $110 in week #1 and goes 2-4. Due to losses from week #1 he lowers the amount wagered per game in week #2 by betting $55 on five separate games and he goes 4-1. Overall, gambler #2 has lost $95 despite going 6-5 (54.5%). Gambler #2 would be up $110 instead of being down $95 if he only bet the same amount on each game. 

(Taking Big Risks): Gambler #3 loves to risk it all for big rewards. Gambler #3 starts with a $1500 bankroll and has decided to load up and hammer games. He bets $1100 and risks most of his bankroll on the first game, and wins. Then he wagers $2200 on the next game which also wins, now his balance is $4500 (counting the $300 left in his bankroll he's not used yet) Feeling lucky, he bets his whole bankroll on a game that looks fantastic and wins. Bringing his balance to $8200, he decides to risk everything won so far on what looks like possibly the easiest money ever. This time luck wasn't on his side and loses $8200. Gambler #3 has a balance of only $300 in his bankroll despite going 3-1 (75% winning rate) 

(Chasing Losses): Gambler #4 has a bankroll of $5,000. He wagers $550 on a game and loses it. Frustrated from losing the game he wagers $1100 on a second game and loses again. Now enraged, he raises his wager amount to $2200 and loses again. He's now lost $3850. Now with a smaller bankroll he ends up risking it all on another game hoping to get some back, and loses the fourth game, he has now lost his bankroll. Gambler #4 is faced with two choices, reload his bankroll with more money or stop playing. 

These examples show you exactly why we suggest betting the same amount on all plays. If you do you'll succeed.

Losing streaks happen to everyone know matter how good you are. We know proper money management can't make any player win at a higher percentage but it will make your bankroll last longer. That gives you more opportunity's to get paid. Taking calculated risks to win money is what sports betting is really all about. But those taking crazy risks and betting their entire bankroll on anyone's one million star can't lose game of the year may need a back up plan. Murphy's law says "Anything can and will happen" it seems real when it comes to sports betting. Far too often it's just one key play in each game that will make the difference of covering or not, so sometimes you can have the right side and still get jacked. That's the reason money management is critical, remember nothings perfect. The only proven fact is, anything is possible and nothing's a sure thing in life or gambling. Keeping all your wagers to a consistent amount on every game is the key to making substantial money and long term success.

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