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We take every step to protect your online privacy. Our site does not use applications to gather data from any device. Our service does not sell or share anyone’s info. All info you provide is kept strictly confidential and secure. Our service does not use tracking cookies since we never solicit for sales.

Banner ads on our site are the property of other companies, each has their own privacy policy. All other company names, trademarks, logos, banners or other products on our site is the property of those respective owners.

When you make any purchase from our service only our credit card merchant First Data collects your credit card information but does not share your information with anyone including us. First Data only provides us your contact information (e.g., name and email address) and demographic information (e.g., zip code) in order for us to provide you the service you requested. Credit card orders are secured with SSL encryption by First Data Merchant service. By joining our service you condone you're at least 21 years old and agree to our simple terms and conditions.

Our registered company name Las Vegas Wise Guys, logo, slogans and all info on our site is protected by copyright law. Therefore we ask no portion be published, rewritten, reprinted, or redistributed in any way without written consent from our company under federal and international copyright law.

Content on our site is for informational and news matter. Any use in violation of international, federal, state or local law is strictly prohibited. By using our service you accept full responsibility and agree our company and staff can not be held responsible in any way for how you use any information. This is a legal agreement. All current and past records are shown on each of our sport pages and "Official Internet Archive Site"

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Odds & Trends courtesy of,, We’re not affiliated with any online sportsbooks and do not accept kickbacks. That’s why you’ll never see an affiliate code on anything sports related on our site. These are the best sportsbooks so we promote them free.

Photos on site were taken by us at various sporting events. Some are courtesy of Pixabay photographers.

We are not a sportsbook. We are a professional sports advisory service for serious sports bettors that must win by any means necessary. Even though our service has succeeded every year, it’s still important to bet responsibly by never betting more then you can afford to lose. Everyone knows the best teams don't always win therefore sports betting is not an exact science, sometimes teams should have won but didn't. Even though we've won more then we lost each year if you feel you have a gambling problem you can contact for assistance.

Our website fully complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"), including the notice and take down provisions to benefit from the safe harbors immunizing from liability to the fullest extent of the law. Our company reserves the right to be asked to remove any photo that infringes upon the copyright of others upon the receipt of proper notification by the copyright owner or the owner's legal agent. If we receive a notice for claims of intellectual property violations we'll remove it immediately. If you have questions, contact us