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2001 UFC Picks Record 19-7-0

2002 UFC Picks Record 24-4-0

2003 UFC Picks Record 11-6-1

2004 UFC Picks Record 10-4-1

2005 UFC Picks Record 18-8-0

2006 UFC Picks Record 11-8-0

2007 UFC Picks Record 10-8-0

2008 UFC Picks Record 9-7-0

2009 UFC Picks Record 14-9-0

2010 UFC Picks Record 14-8-0

2011 UFC Picks Record 11-6-0

2012 UFC Picks Record 8-5-0

2013 UFC Picks Record 8-2-0

2014 UFC Picks Record 12-1-0

2015 UFC Picks Record 7-2-0

2016 UFC Picks Record 19-7-0

2017 UFC Picks Record 20-5-0

2018 UFC Picks Record 23-11-0

2019 UFC Picks Record 11-9-0

2020 UFC Picks Record 6-0-0

Wise Guys Free UFC Picks Record 266-117-2.
Free winners are by our top expert TJ Clark.

Our combined free sports winners record on
both free pages is 440-178-3 as of 6/27/20.
Best Bet record is 307-35-1 as of 6/27/20.
Now 20 straight winning years in a row!

Even though nothing is ever a sure thing,
great fighters can go years without losing.
Therefore some fights are like stealing.
Every year is as different as each sport.

Once our plays are posted we can not
control where sportsbook lines move.

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Wise Guys Free Fight Picks

UFC Best Bet for 7/15/20
Pedro Munhoz-230  

UFC Best Bet for 7/11/20
Peter Yan-230  

UFC Best Bet for 6/27/20
Dustin Poirier-160   Won

Poirier fight rescheduled from 5/16/20
Next 3 UFC picks are Best Bets.

UFC Picks for 6/6/20
Amanda Nunes-440   Won

Nunes fight rescheduled from 5/9/20
Many fights changed due to coronavirus.

UFC Picks for 5/9/20
Ryan Spann-450   Won

UFC Picks for 3/7/20
Israel Adesanya-270   Won

Bellator Picks for 1/25/20
Cris Cyborg-400   Won

UFC Picks for 1/25/20
Curtis Blaydes-240   Won


You can see all our past years plays on
the Official Internet Archive Website.

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